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Showing posts from May 16, 2021

Walk With Me

  When you see me smiling and it appears that all is great, ask if it really is. When you see me walking alone, ask if you can walk with me. When you see me crying ask if you can cry with me. Why do you have to visibly see me to ask a question? What you cannot see is that I’m dying on the inside but not on the outside. What you cannot see is that I am moments away from the next life. Oh, but what if you could just really see me?       Unknown   My heart breaks when I hear someone’s story of crying out in hurt and pain but never really saying anything to anyone. I wonder…why? Why didn’t this person say something to someone that maybe could have helped. Why didn’t they step up and say they are in need and at that very moment my spirit quickens me asking why am I just blaming the person needing help? Why do I place all responsibility on the one person so emotionally weak that they cannot possibly know what to do?   I feel like a terrible person, like a person without a c