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The Little Engine That Could

  Every now and again we men are challenged in a variety of ways, but none so impactful as the ability to doubt ourselves. Yes, there are times when we walk upright and have it all together, but at other times, we slouch bearing the burdens of the day. Not by coincidence, but this is where we meet up with the man in the mirror,  a super hero at times and the guy that wins at most everything.This time though, the reflection in the mirror has taken on the Goliath persona and whose goal is to take away all your have to offer and destroy the very essence of who you are and especially all you can do.   This is the giant you have to conquer before you can move forward with any momentum. Fear IS his name and he lets you know it! Of all the emotions a man produces, Fear ranks up there pretty high. We have taken a decades old view of Fear which is to run from him, to avoid him, to do all we can so that we do not wind up a victim. So...what can we do to fortify a defense against Fear? The best w