Monday, February 1, 2021

In search of Bigfoot


I caught the tail end of a documentary about Sasquatch, or more commonly known as Bigfoot and how so many people have seen it, but to this day remains elusive and unfounded. 

I do not know if you believe or even have an opinion about the big guy but, what comes to mind when you hear anything about the myth of Bigfoot? Do you envision a hairy creature, 10 ft tall, and bigger than any creature that walks on two legs, or perhaps a vision of mystique and something wild? What if we could be like Bigfoot, in that we could hide out in the wild, in a place so hard to track down that we would be alone for a bit? Sound intriguing? I know that sometimes we want to get so disconnected from life, and we don’t want anyone to talk to us or locate us. A wish so powerful that we just want to be left alone to do whatever we want to do, need to do, to put together some strategy to sort life out.

That place truly is a desire for many men, and I believe most men desire to have the ability to become hidden, wild, and retreat to a very private place. Would it surprise you to know that that place does exist? In every man this mental but very secluded place does exist. We have a very distinct, but very real man cave within where we can go hang out. For a moment we too can be like Sasquatch, even if it means withdrawing within ourselves, we can choose to be lost in the wild, being alone and where no other human voice can be heard. All we hear is freedom to be alone, to be wild and to be free, and even if it’s just for a little while.

Sadly, we know we do not have the ability to just hop on a flight to this locale anytime we want. The ticket to this place has to be purchased by circumstance. Generally a circumstance so overwhelming it sets off a pressure cooker inside. An incident in life that goes sideways at any given moment, with any given person, and anywhere in the world. It is such that we don’t know how to handle it so we’d rather just escape to our castle within, and even though we may be alone, hurt, mad, or angry, at this very moment, our insides tell us this is where we can unload our mind, this is our Eden garden. A place that provides our fill of happiness and ecstasy. And even here, there is no cry out for the need to have someone around. Where alone is the ticket, then we think we’re happy.

To follow back around guys, this often sought after temporary freedom isn’t what you may think it is. Its obscure setting, wearing a cloak of invisibility, and the wild at heart energy we may feel is nothing more than the Bigfoot…nothing more than a fable that can be dangerous if we drift too far into the jungle. I concede that one can “feel” so exhilarated, engulfed in mindset where nothing that can drain our energy exists, a thick blanket of feel good fuzzy material. At this point is where we need to be wary because here is when we are most vulnerable to any attacks. Why? For the simple reason that we have totally allowed ourselves to drop all defenses for the purpose of selfishly soaking in that soothing hot tub in our never-never land. 

The kicker is this…as relaxing as we may feel while we are here, this could turn out to be a positive step forward that if we choose to, can actually provide a healthy place to kick the issue around that brought us here. Yes, this paradise island we tend to run towards, can actually be helpful to us. Remember I said that it can be dangerous to wander too deep into this jungle? I mean that if we decide to stay here too long, it may be difficult to rationalize what is real and what isn’t. People have been known to leave family, friends, and jobs to pursue this dream. But…once we get here, let’s take advantage of this ambiguous opportunity to move forward and out, just by changing focus and also think about the issue that got us here. It now becomes not only a place where we can restore and re-energize, but it’s a great place to logically work out a solution to our problems. Even here is this place that only we can venture to, and even though we may be alone in the wild, we can choose to become a better person by taking the issue that someone or something meant to harm us and turning it to make it work for us. Now we are back, in control, and more experienced…until the next time.

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  1. I'm reminded of the book, Men are Waffles Women are Spaghetti. In all of the compartments that men exist in, one of them is a nothing box. A wife doesn't understand how she can ask her husband what he's thinking and he replies, "nothing". How can a man possibly think of nothing, just stare into the abyss? That might be an internal button to "beam me up Scotty" from this place to the land of Bigfoot you're talking about. If physically we cannot get away, we have an internal switch that takes us there at warp speed. Maybe sometimes it's an instinct for survival and at other times, it's an escape. It's a place to run to when we don't have control. I know I for one am weary of being in situations that I don't have control over so many times I avoid those places and things in a physical sense. That may sound like when we're kids that we choose not to play a game we know we can't win. In better terms, it may sound like a cop out. Yet, the older I'm getting, I'm learning to play the game, win or lose, because in the process I'm gaining experience. I'm too much of an extrovert to even imagine walking off into the woods alone to sit for days and ponder missed opportunities. I rather heal around family and friends. Not everyone may have that opportunity, but, well, here's an analogy: Many years ago in Montana, a rancher noticed something about his cattle. A blizzard came out of nowhere and he didn't have time to put the cattle in the barn. One group of cattle died because they huddled up and froze to death. A group of Longhorn cattle, turned toward the blizzard and walked straight at it. They survived. There's a lesson in that. Through storms in life, don't run away, face them head on and press forward. Scars, physical and emotional, are badges I've gained along the way.
    I enjoy reading your blog. Keep up the good work.


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