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The Hiccuperuptions


Guys, have you heard of or has someone ever asked you if you’ve had the “hiccuperuptions” lately??  If so, what or how do you normally respond? Is it the old stand there motionless with question marks appearing in your cornea? Or do you actually say something? Regardless of your reaction, eventually you ask that question that sums everything up, ”the what?? What the heck is that??” Here’s where you receive the answer but almost immediately you think, “seriously? You disturbed my valuable time only to give me this silly answer? What a waste of my time”. But afterwhile, and although you thought the answer was silly, there was something about the explanation that later got you to thinking about it and maybe even got you to realize a little more about yourself. Something you really hadn’t noticed or ever thought about since it’s never been on your radar. Maybe it even made you curious enough to wonder if its’s only something you do, or do other guys do the same thing? I can tell you this…everyone does it. Not just you, but everyone else. So moving forward let’s share what the “hiccuperuptions” are and provide some new found wisdom and knowledge of them and how to avoid them.

What the heck is that???      

Hiccups are those little semi-burps, unwanted and never timely body functions that interrupt you usually when it’s not convenient. For example, while making a presentation at work, while enjoying a cool drink and BBQ in your back yard while entertaining guests, and yes, even when you try to sneak in a smooch to your wife or girlfriend and they stop you dead in your tracks. Annoying little buggers aren’t they? A bright side is that they usually don’t last very long but are none the less, an interruption of an enjoyable moment.

And speaking about interruptions…


Let me drop this right here that is due appropriate consideration and sometimes is misplaced in your day. What if you were to take the perspective that is certainly a more meaningful experience during those “inconvenient interruptions” we all experience in life. But first, understand that most guys such as yourself have a one-track male mind. Many simply focus on one thing at a time, one errand or task at a time, and, often focus on the wrong thing! Here’s the deal, while you are very good at anything you truly focus on, the issue is that when you do focus or zero in on something, you unintentionally turn off the rest of the world. Why do I mention this? Well to be honest, so you understand that sometimes it is exactly at this point when we exclude the most important, most important people in our lives. Although unintentional, when they interrupt us, would you honestly say it really is an interruption? Are they sometimes so unimportant that our actions provide evidence to make them believe that what you are doing is more important and you cannot, absolutely cannot be interrupted? That being said, perhaps they walk away feeling less important than the task you have at hand? I don’t know about you, but I’ve been made to feel that way by someone so important in my life, and it didn’t feel good at all. That can be really messed up and if not addressed and corrected, can cause some deep wounds. So as best as you can, don’t go there with your spouse, your children, and all those other people you love.

Now you may ask, “how does all this help me understand the “hiccuperruptions”?” Well the way I like to explain it is that when family members or friends interrupt us, it can be very similar to hiccups. They come upon us at the most inopportune times, no notice no preparation, and then we are internally bothered because the hiccups have now caused agitation and an interruption, we were not ready for. And like kids, sometimes they are not easily dismissed or disregarded. They press the do not disturb button when you least expect it and all they wanted was a little attention and perhaps, if you’re blessed, a really tight hug that assures them everything is fine. I personally have missed many of those times because I felt I couldn’t be disturbed and probably shooed them away. Boy I so wish I hadn’t missed those moments because now it seems like I want more but have to settle for those infrequent ones. However, I do take advantage of my grandkid’s attention and hugs often because I am sure to stop when I can, and give them my complete focus. I realize that there will always be some times when you really can’t stop what you’re doing, but during those times express lovingly that you will get to them as soon as you can and avoid dismissing them. Attempt to make them feel loved.


There’s a Biblical story that I love to relate to when it comes to being interrupted and perhaps you’ve heard it on occasion. It’s the story of when Jesus was walking down the town streets and many were following Him, bumping, brushing onto Him and perhaps even being pushed into Him. All of a sudden Jesus stops and asks a question, “who touched me” He asked?? Keep in mind what I previously mentioned that He was amongst throngs of people with no way of someone not touching Him. There were people all around, they were all yelling at Him trying to get His attention, even His disciples answered Him saying, “why do you ask who touched me? Did You notice all the people and know that there is no way You can walk close to them without being touched?” There was definitely so much noise and distractions vying for Jesus’ attention, but He was so focused on the importance of each of them. In the midst of the world’s noise, He noticed one particular touch. Jesus sensed this one small touch, this one seemingly insignificant gesture, and He knew that this touch was made in true faith…it was the woman that needed healing from a disease she had for a while but she knew that if she could just touch the hem of His garment she would be healed. Jesus calls her effort true faith.

Jesus said, “Daughter, your faith has healed you.”


I love that story but what I really would like to impress on you isn’t so much the story as it is the point that Jesus stopped to pay attention to this woman. With all the voices and noise calling for His attention, He actually stopped to pay attention to the needs of this lady. This just strengthens my thoughts that when our loved ones call for us we should stop to listen to them and their needs when we can. There are no more important people in your life than your family and friends and of course they all have need of your wisdom and guidance in varying degrees. There is no more value than the one you place on someone when you stop what you are in the middle of, turn, listen, and provide your undivided attention. Reminds me of a saying I read somewhere that stated, “people may not remember all you said, but they will always remember how you made them feel.” Poignant huh?  Yea, got me to reconsider how I respond when someone interrupts me. As mentioned, there will be times when you just can’t stop what you are doing, but try to make that the exception not the norm. So if you have chronic “hiccuperruptions” from normal hiccups and also the people around you, I would encourage you, and ask that if you are not doing it, to stop for a moment and consider the scenario of this hiccup…who is it, how important are they, and what may be the result if I do not pay attention? I can guarantee that if you are and have been doing it, you will make a lot of people feel special and it will go a long way in making you feel special yourself.












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